Best Wishes Till We Meet Again! is The 999th Episode in Hero Emblem That Aired in Japan on March 24th 2012 And The United States on 21st 2013

The Heroes Decide to Be Normal Boys Again now That Choas is Sleeping For Another 10000 Years Each Heroes Talk About Their Flashbacks The Good Times the Bad Times and The Sad Times Lionel is the Only One Left Now That He Has to Start High School Over After Failing The Final Exams Lionel Decides to Remain Back and Wishes Everyone Best Wishes!

Major EventsEdit

  • The Heroes Leave The Hero Order now that Peace is Regain
  • Cilan Starts his Own Company Intelligent Corporation
  • Dan Goes to Boarding School in America
  • D.K Enters The Cooking Academy
  • Climax Goes in to Photo Shooting
  • Desmond Attends a Doctor School Along With Carlin
  • Emma and Morgen Go to Toronto to Live Together
  • Thor and Volt Return to Roman World
  • The Bloom Girls Attned The NY Academy
  • Misty Says Goodbye to Lionel Who is Now Attending The Fashion World Tour
  • Lionel Begins his Fall 2013 At His School


  • The Entire Flashbacks Were Animated to Match The Best Wishes Animation
  • Some Flashbacks Were Different Then The Orignal Episodes.


  • When Ruby Became Hero Ruby He was Waring The Season 2 Ring Tiara
  • Hero Emblem Season 2 Emblem Can Be Seen When fighting The Dark King
  • Hero Black and White Were Shown in Their Arc 2 Outfits in Lionel's Guest Episode
  • Sapphire and Topaz Were Wearing Their Season 3 Outfits
  • Hero Emerald mistaken Called Emerald Super Lighting in The Dub. \


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