Act V: Act II Siege of Stronghold is The Second Chapter in Gears of War 2 in Manas Storyline The Locust Emperors Gileg Vector Gallager and Princess Merag Has Laid a Full Siege of The Hidden Stronghold and Gileg Has Killed Marcel Fenix in Rage Louis Enters Berserk Mode And Summons Hallow Creatures to Assist Exposing His powers in Front of Mana And The ohers

Major EventsEdit

  • The Hidden Stronghold has Been Destroyed by The Locust Emperors
  • Gileg kills Marcel Fenix and Merag kills Rose Vector Kills Izzy and Gallager kills Team Geta Force
  • Louis Enters Berserk Mode and Successfully injures Gileg But is Shot and Injured as well
  • A Group of Standard saves Louis and Heals Him
  • Team Geta is killed and The Survivors Disband


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